Flare Bottoms

April 7, 2016

I must confess that I’ve been having a major crush on flared pants, not only they make me feel like I’m back to the 70’s, make a great statement piece, but they’re also the ultimate comfiest garment( a side of sweatpants) you can wear. I used to feel a bit sceptical about wearing this type of pants due to the fact that I’m petite and let’s say that legs for days are not exactly one of my attributes, which made me a little afraid of looking shorter than what I actually am. Suddenly I decided to get out of my comfort zone and wear what I like because remember, there’s really not rules that matter, the only one putting restrictions on you it’s your own self. You should always wear what you want or what works best for you, the ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in your own skin.


                                                        Jacket: Forever XXI| Top: Zara| Pants: Zara| Hat: H&M







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